Schoology NEXT

Schoology NEXT is the yearly user conference that brings the Schoology community together for three days of Ed Tech focused sharing and learning. It is also a channel for Schoology to unveil new products and services. To keep it fresh, NEXT is held in a new city each year. To accomodate the shifting themes and venues, I created a flexible identity that would remain recognizable while embracing variation based on conference theme, location, and venue decor. The main NEXT logomark/logotype is designed to feel larger than life—a modern day World’s Fair. A mash-up of a traditional font and modern three dimensional styling, a series of concentric layers conveys the transition from past to future as we look towards what comes “NEXT”. The varying colors differeniate the layers implying the individual signposts against which we measure progress.

Standard NEXT Logo
Themed NEXT Logos
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